Friday, July 17, 2009

Maya memsaheb, for you, not with love...

Well i should be forgiven, forgiven, forgiven; for having wasted a good deal of a half year before updating my blog. See i am very pitiful asking forgiveness. (#Sigh#)

Now here i am hoping you have forgiven me. So i may start my bigoted views, which are as much bigoted as the Chinese aggressions on its inhabitant minorities; but not as crude. Although this post is not going to be on the Chinese. Anyways, this time i thought maybe I'll try Maya memsahib as a challenge.

Mayawati , the ultimate beti of UP, a challenge for a slapstick sarcast (there is no such word as sarcast but i created it) like me you ask? Well, well, i shall answer why.

It is not that everyday a young, well not young, middle aged, lawyer cum social worker becomes a power figure of a state.

I use 'power figure' because she has become that; she has 'power'. No not physical strength or fitness, by the way is it me or does she seem to keep on piling the kilos after every successful rally (i guess that she must get a lot of 'mithai ke dibbe' both above and below the table). You can't have super strength in pure physical terms but you may be able to lift someone up, here i speak metaphorically tongue- in cheek. You can lift some one up permanently and make him go invisible forever, especially when he starts to question your strength. And she does it without moving a muscle, just by twitching her mouth to utter a few words. Now that's power.

And now coming to the 'figure' aspect(err...not her figure, she ain't no model dodo!!). Well she seems to have been able to create an aura of holy-unholy, light-dark, mumbo-jumbo about her which seems to shield her from her own shortcomings which if the people saw would surely make her run for her kilos. OK, yes you won a big constituency (read the whole of UP) just by playing the sympathy card, "for you, with you always" slogan (wait; isn't that the Delhi police catch line?)
and you are idealized by pseudo-zealots within your community; and you further get to celebrate your "growing up and old days" (read birth days) by cutting a cake that costs as much as the cost of all the meals of a day for a poor dalit family (whom you sympathize with, totlay). This was discounting the lavish "pandals" and garlands your underlings sent you along with their mithai ke dibbe courtesy some relative of theirs who requires a party ticket or a job.

But what is an ideal without idols. Shakespeare didn't write this line. It is your "love to hate" sarcast who has written these. So she is an ideal, now to cement this state of power, what do we do? We make literally an idol out of her. Rather huge, humongous monstrosities of statues of her. What exquisite detail, look it's the same handbag she carries everywhere, that the sculpture has sculpted with perfection.

Ah, yes madam, you in your salwar, and you get to be the power figure, and order people around like your the man. But mademoiselle you forget that "with great power comes great responsibility" (long live Stan Lee) and you shun the later while hoping to grope for the former. "And we all fall down".

PS : I hope you do pray for Maya memsahib's health, imagine how the amount of sugar in her blood stream must sky rocket because of all the mithais. No wonder that her bp shoots up so quickly.

Also i would like to hear your views...rather read cause this is a blog and all, you know;
i would like to hear your views on whether Mayawati is a narcissist ass or is she just plain old pompous or has she some hidden "queer" tendencies about herself.

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